The Zoe Life Center

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 The Zoe Life Center is a hub of hope and healing to families with special needs and beyond. The Zoe Life Center is a ministry of Michael and Denie Riggs, founded in 2014.

 The Zoe Life Center provides a coordinated effort between seven centers of life and healing. It operates with a strong Christian focus, presenting alternative solutions.  

 The Vision:The Zoe Life Center is established to serve families of individuals with mental and physical disturbances by offering coordinated alternatives of health care and educational services, from a strong Christian perspective. 

 Philosophy:We believe that God has provided all that we need to life healthy, fulfilled lives. We believe through the power of prayer and intercession, nutrition, music, homeopathic medical support, targeted education, art/movement/worship and coordinated therapies, the quality of life of every individual can be enhanced to that of abundant life. 


Proceeds from this site helps fund the Zoe Life Center in North Alabama USA. 

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